If you wish to live a calm life, you have come to the right place to find a collection of tools, information and resources to help you make that wish become a reality.

I have always lived with worry and would describe myself as “a worrier”. However, my focus on “Creating Calm” began during motherhood when my son, at a very young age, showed a tendency to worry and feel anxious too.

I had always thought worry was an intrinsic part of my personality. I believed it was something that I could not change and just had to live with. It was only when I saw my son worrying too, that it brought home to me the true impact that worry and anxiety can have on a person’s enjoyment of life. It highlighted the impact that worrying and anxiety can have on the whole family.

With my eyes now open, it is my wish to save my son from a lifetime of worry and to free myself from worry and anxiety in the future.

I am working towards creating an intentionally calm way of life for us all. I, therefore, spend a great deal of time researching ways to create the calm life I crave for my family.

Whilst our journey is far from complete, my family and I are already starting to feel the benefits of seeking out a life of Calm.

I am now collating all of the useful information I am learning here at “Creating Calm With Clare“. I hope that sharing my knowledge, thoughts and findings will help others who are craving calmness.

I hope to save you time and help fast-track you towards the first intentional steps of creating a calm life for yourself and your family.

How to Find What You Need Here at Creating Calm With Clare

If you would like to start reading straight away, you can skip straight to my most recent post here:

Alternatively, you can follow my recommendations on how to find what you need:

I recommend everyone reads my Introductory Post. This sets out the full reasons why I sought out calm in the first place and why I continue to do so. These ideas are the foundations for all of my research and writing about Creating Calm. It introduces the topics and ideas you can expect to read and learn about here at Creating Calm with Clare.

Having learned what to expect here, you can choose one of two routes to explore how to create your own calm way of life:


  • You can use the menu and choose a particular category of Creating Calm that you are interested to explore (Mind – Body, Parent – Child, House – Home). You can then choose to read the posts that are most relevant to your life from those listed there.

You may wish to spend a bit of time thinking about what your own definition of a calm life would be. If so, I have designed a flow chart to help you.

You can download the Free Printable Flow Chart below and spend some time considering what a calm life would look like for you and what might be standing in the way of that life. Working through this flow chart will help you to design your own personalised journey through the blog and signpost you to the most relevant section of the blog to begin your reading.

Free Printable

[*Please note – if you are viewing this post in WordPress Reader you will need to visit the Creating Calm With Clare site to download this printable]

Design your own personalised journey through the blog

Whatever way you choose to explore Creating Calm With Clare, I hope you find the inspiration and helpful information you need to help you on your journey towards creating a calm life.

About Clare

I live with my fiancee and son in the South of England.  I have always enjoyed reading, researching and writing. I think at some level I have always wanted to be a writer of some kind.

I studied Law at University and worked as a Criminal Prosecutor for a number of years. When I became a mum, I left work to focus on raising my family.

The favourite aspects of my studies and my job were the necessary research in the library, preparation and collation of cases and providing written advice. I also found fulfilment in helping others by presenting information accurately and fairly and by providing relevant, sensitive, and appropriate advice.

Now I am at home with my family, I am able to pursue my love of writing in a different way. Creating Calm with Clare provides me with the perfect opportunity to combine all of my interests, hopes and aims. I can share knowledge, enjoy writing, help my family and hopefully help others along the way too.

Wish to Learn More About My Continuing Journey to Create Calm?

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That’s Great News !

If you are enjoying reading the information and ideas I am sharing here at Creating Calm with Clare, It would be great to hear from you.

My aim is to share helpful information to allow others to Create Calm in their lives.

Please let me know which posts you have found particularly interesting and useful.

If you have downloaded the Free Printable Flow Chart that I have shared above and worked through it, I would love to hear which category on the flow chart received your highest score and, therefore, which section of the blog is most interesting and useful to you.

If you have any suggestions for calm-related topics that you would like to read about, please share them with me. Your suggestions will help me choose which topics to write about in future posts.

If you become a regular visitor to Creating Calm With Clare you can expect my posts to provide lots of information for you to think about.

It is my hope that readers will use each post as a guide. I hope they will be inspired to follow up by taking action on what they have read. This will involve trying out new approaches and practising what has been learned during daily life.

While awaiting a new post, you can also connect with me on Pinterest where I have saved a variety of inspirational and helpful resources about all things calm.

I would love to share this growing collection with you.

Thank you for joining me on my journey towards a calm life.


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