My Story: The “Why” Behind Creating Calm With Clare

Meet the Author

Welcome. My Name is Clare.

The author (Clare) enjoying a calm moment among the trees whilst walking in a park on a bright winter's day.

I am a mum and live with my fiancee and son in the South of England. 

Since becoming a mum, I have spent a great deal of time researching ways to create a calm way of life for our family.

I am now collating all the knowledge I have collected in this one place.

I hope that sharing my knowledge, thoughts and findings will help others who are craving calmness.

A mum and her son enjoying a quiet paddle in the sea together at the water's edge on a calm and tranquil sandy beach, amidst a summer blue sky and calm spacious blue sea.

Why I wish to Create Calm

My focus on creating calm began a few years ago when my son was starting pre-school.

Starting pre-school was not an easy transition for my son and our family. We soon began to realise that our normally energetic, happy, chatty, and confident little boy was worried and anxious about his sessions at his pre-school nursery.

It quickly became apparent that at a very young age our son was already worrying about future events and the world around him. This tendency to worry was, and still is, extremely troubling for him and a concern for all the family.

Living with worry is not a new phase in my life.

My Fiancee and I have always considered ourselves introverts. We often feel nervous about a variety of life situations and struggle with self-doubt.

I myself have always been “a worrier” and I know how draining and stressful the process of worrying can be. However, I always thought it was just something that was an intrinsic part of my personality. Something that I could not change and something I just had to live with.

Seeing my very young son display the same characteristics of worry held up a magnifying glass to the negative effects of worry. It highlighted to me the true impact that worry and anxiety can have on a person’s ability to enjoy life. It also highlighted the impact that worrying and anxiety can have on the family as a whole.

This made me think differently about worry and anxiety. I realised I do not want my son to live the whole of his life thinking that worrying and feeling anxious is an intrinsic part of him and an unchangeable norm.

This wish to save my son from a lifetime of worry concentrated my mind on how our family can create a lifestyle that will nurture and encourage a life free from the constant burden of worry and anxiety.

When thinking about what a life without constant worry would look and feel like, I imagined such a life would be incredibly Calm.

In the dictionary the definition of “calm” states that calm means “not disturbed, agitated or excited”. It is also defined as “tranquil, serene.” This is the atmosphere I hope to achieve for our family in our home.

I am therefore actively seeking to create an intentionally calm way of life for our family, so that we can all confidently step out into the world to fully contribute, share our talents and enjoy life to the full.

I hope you will read on to discover all that I have learned so far about creating such a life.

I still have a great deal to learn about developing a calm mind, a calm body, a calm house and a calm home. I have yet more to learn about becoming a calm parent and raising my son to know what it is to be calm. Our family have not perfected a life without worry, but we are making good steps towards worrying less.

I hope you will join me as my family and I continue on our journey to create calm.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with my blog and to comment. Given your experience, it is great to hear that you agree that the calm path is a good route to take in life. Having seen many interesting posts on your blog I’m sure I will be a regular reader. Thanks again. Clare.


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