Feeling Overwhelmed? Switch Off Your Television + Screens To Create The Calm Life You Crave

Calm Mind – Calm Parent – Calm Home “Why Don’t You just switch off your television set . . . and do something less boring instead?” An extract from the song lyrics accompanying the opening credits of the Children’s Television Series “Why Don’t You?” Shown in the UK between 1973-1995 (BBC1) Before Reading, Please note: […]

How Creating a Calming Morning Snack Can Help You Have a Good Day

Calm Body – Calm Mind “By choosing the right foods we can get our bodies back to a place of calm, so that both physically and emotionally we are much better equipped to deal with whatever life has in store.” Eat Yourself Calm, by Gill Paul (Published by Hamlyn 2014) – page 6 There was […]

Creating a Calm Start to Each Day: How I Discovered the Benefits of Waking Up Earlier

Calm Mind – Calm Home – Calm Parent – Calm Child “If you want to change your entire life in one small change, wake up earlier.” Allie Casazza (“The Purpose Show” Podcast – Episode 69) I never thought I would find myself advocating getting up earlier in the morning. However, having made it a habit […]